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Akashic Reading - Past Lives, Spiritual Guidance, Weaving Fate

Akashic Reading - Past Lives, Spiritual Guidance, Weaving Fate

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The wisdom of the Akashic Records knows no bounds. The Akashic Records are a massive library, all about you. The Akashic Records contain all of your past lives, insight about your current life, the secrets and lessons within your relationships, as well as ancestral guidance. 

An Akashic Reading is a channeled reading from the Akashic Realm. The Akashic Records are located in another dimension, a realm that's closest to what many of us know as "Heaven." The Akashic Records are home to angelic beings, guides, and loved ones who help guide you on your life's journey. 

During an Akashic Reading, we can also write desired life changes into the records that ripple through time and space, weaving fate for your Highest Good. For instance, healing ancestral events, revealing truth, nurturing the inner child...there are many possibilities. 

After purchase, you will be contacted within 1 business day to schedule your live Akashic Reading (done over Zoom).

I look forward to sharing the wisdom of the Akashic Records with you. 

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