4 Daily Rituals to Heal Your Energy

4 Daily Rituals to Heal Your Energy

Energy is everywhere. That’s a fact. Whether we realize it or not, our energy is constantly being bombarded by all kinds of things. And the longer we go without healing our energy, the more likely it is for energetic imbalance to occur.


When energy is imbalanced, you can feel it. Imbalanced energy can look like many things - unexplained headaches, anxiety attacks, mood swings, stomach aches, or fatigue. Imbalanced energy also can make us feel weighed down, like we’re burned out and not ourselves.


Modern living also has a profound impact on energy. There’s toxic social media, constant advertisements, heavy traffic, an overall lack of connection to Mother Earth. So now more than ever, it’s important to take charge and heal our energy.



The Universe’s Aura, Tarn Ellis



These 4 daily rituals to heal your energy are here to help. They’re beginner-friendly and quick. A little ritual every day can make a big impact, but these don’t have to be done daily to reap the benefits.


Feel free to make these into your own. Put your own twist on it! There are no rules.




  1. Ground your energy.


Anxiety? Stress? Looming existential dread? Yeah, we’ve all been there (some of us live here okay). But grounding is a wonderful healer.


As a professional energy worker, I can tell you that many people have imbalances in their root chakra. Your root chakra is what keeps you feeling safe and secure. When we aren’t grounded, the imbalance in our root chakra makes us feel distracted, anxious, and overwhelmed.


Grounding is food for your root chakra. It works to anchor your energy when it seems like there’s chaos everywhere. You become stable like a tree with deep roots. Calm in the eye of the storm.



Rooted, Andy Saputo



Three things are needed to ground. Focusing on the present moment, connecting to your physical senses, and feeling your body connect to Mother Earth.


When I trained as a yoga instructor, I learned this awesome grounding technique:





The most important thing is connecting to Mother Earth.


Connection to the earth can also release energy that doesn’t belong to you. If your energy feels off in any way, ground yourself. Then, using your intention and your breath, release anything that doesn’t serve you to Mother Earth.


Gaia has a way of recycling this energy. So don’t worry, we’re not doing any energetic polluting.


With regular practice, grounding helps your energy heal and become more balanced. Trust me, it’s worth the investment!



  1. Cleanse your energy.


Cleansing your energy is another simple ritual that makes a big difference if done regularly. Really, the best thing is to cleanse every day. If you shower every day, you can cleanse every day. And here’s a way to integrate both of them to save time!





There’s so many other cleansing options out there too. But make your cleansing ritual your own and have fun with it! That way, you’re more likely to make it into a habit. When I do cleansing rituals for clients (or myself), I use a combination of methods for the best effect. Usually this includes:


  • Smoke cleansing. Burning herbs, incense, and wafting them over the body. I use a crow’s wing to fan the smoke, transmuting dead stagnant energy into a clean slate.
  • Cleansing spray. If smoke bothers you or you can’t burn things in your space, a quality cleansing spray like Moon Water is a great option.
  • Crystals. Crystals are wonderful because they have metaphysical properties AND they help us ground. My favorite crystals to use for cleansing are Shungite, Selenite, and Citrine. But go ahead and use what calls to you. Crystals have a way of letting us know which ones will be the most helpful for us.



  1. Protect your energy


A little energy protection every day = big benefits over time. Protecting your energy serves two purposes. It keeps your energy with you, where it belongs. And it keeps outside energy from interfering. Empaths, protecting your energy is essential to do every day, especially if you work with the public.


Like cleansing, protecting your energy has a lot of options. The best way I’ve found to protect energy is to seal each cleansing ritual with protection, stacking the benefits.


After cleansing, try this.


  • Close your eyes and connect to the Highest spiritual authority for you. Source, Goddess, your Higher Self, the Divine, whatever that is for you.
  • Ask your divine team to surround you with protection. I like to ask “allow only that which is in my Highest Good.” Spirit knows what’s best for us.
  • Visualize an eggshell of light surrounding your aura, letting the negative energy leave, and blocking anything undesirable from getting in.


For an extra boost, you can put on protection oils on your body and aura too! You can draw reiki symbols around you, or other symbols that feel good to you.


The Armored Heart, Daniel Holeman


I’ve found that protection is best done in the morning while preparing for the day. That way, the preparation has been done!



  1. Recharge your energy


Recharging is key for balanced, healthy energy. Sometimes we just need to rest. And rest truly is a spiritual practice. Western culture has a way of shaming us for resting. “Time is money! Hustle, hustle!” While action is good, there can be no action if rest isn’t the predecessor. Constant work just isn’t feasible. We need to allow ourselves to let go and allow ourselves to just be. So go ahead, cancel that night out, log off social accounts, silence your phone. Let it be.


Another way to recharge is to receive. We can give ourselves plenty on our own, but receiving from others means that you don’t have to do anything. Let someone else take care of your energy and treat yourself. Book a massage, get a reiki session, receive healing!


Energy Healing, Dome Moon




There you have it. The four daily rituals to fix your energy are grounding, cleansing, protection, and recharging. I suggest these for anyone, but especially for empaths, healers, witches, intuitive readers, and energy workers. When you work with energy regularly, your energy would benefit from extra TLC.


If you feel called to do something untraditional not on this list, try it out! Your intuition knows what’s good for you.


There are even more rituals that didn’t make this list. So tell me, do you already have daily healing rituals? I’d love to hear about them!


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