Kat is a priestess, hedge witch, reiki master, spirit worker, and psychic channel. An intuitive medium all her life, Kat is experienced in divination and spirit communication. Intuitive energy-work is her specialty, including removal of negative energy and entities. She weaves her love of magic and astrology into everything she does. As a teacher, her mission is to guide others to ignite their inner power. As a priestess, she aspires to bring positive spiritual and energetic change into the world.

"Fate is what's Divinely decided. Flame is the power to weave our own Fate."      -Kat Moira

Kat Moira Fate and Flame


    Fate & Flame Handmade Products: 

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    • Handmade spell candles
    • Deity Vigil Candles 
    • Room Sprays
    • Magical oils
    • Ritual incense