About Fate & Flame:
Fate & Flame is a spiritual business created by priestess & oracle, Kat Moira. Kat offers services including tarot reading, energy healing, and spiritual coaching. The Fate & Flame shop offers handmade altar supplies made with deep love for the Divine. Kat’s background in magic inspired her to create premium devotional candles, deity oils, incense, & magical curios. 
About Kat:
Kat is a priestess, hedge witch, reiki master, spirit worker, and psychic channel. An intuitive medium all her life, Kat is experienced in divination and spirit communication. Intuitive energy-work is her specialty, including removal of negative energy and entities. She weaves her love of magic and astrology into everything she does. As a teacher, her mission is to guide others to ignite their inner power. As a priestess, she aspires to bring positive spiritual and energetic change into the world.

 "Fate is Divinely decided. Flame is the power to weave our own Fate."     

-Kat Moira


    About Fate & Flame Handmade Products: 
    Priestess-made creations for igniting the magic within…🔥
    • Luxury mystical candles.
    • Enchanted oils & incense.
    • Deeply spiritual offerings.
    Fate & Flame was created by a candle-loving Queen of Wands as an ode to candle magic and divination. Ignite the magic of your sacred space with luxurious mystical candles, enchanted oils, and deeply spiritual offerings.
    🔥Igniting the magic since 2019🔥
    Fate & Flame Pillars: 
    • Spiritual work with integrity, authenticity, & transparency. 
    • Services that guide, educate, & empower.
    • Classes that build highly-skilled and compassionate spiritual practitioners. 
    • Creating positive energetic and spiritual change in the world. 
    We believe Fate is forged by Flame. Weave your Fate. Ignite your magic.