Divination Rituals for Beltane

Divination Rituals for Beltane

Beltane: the magical time of year at the height of Spring and right before the beginning of Summer. Beltane means "Bright Fire" and takes place when the world around us is bathed in sunlight, abundant with wildlife, and blooming with flowers.
The energy of Beltane holds so much potential. Divination is a great way to tap into the energy of potential and get the signs we need to move forward!
Beltane occurs in May for the Northern hemisphere and October for the Southern hemisphere. While one hemisphere is celebrating Beltane, the other is celebrating Samhain! How cool is that?
During Beltane and Samhain, the "veil" that separates the human and spirit worlds is said to be the thinnest. When the veil is thin, spirit world communication is strong and divination is more clear. 
For a holiday like Beltane, a ritual can make divination extra special. These divination rituals for Beltane are aimed to celebrate this magical time of year by incorporating the elements of fire, fertility, and growth! 
Crow Effigy by Angela Rizza
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Crow Effigy by Angela Rizza
What is divination? 
Divination is the practice of foretelling the future and revealing hidden information. Divination is often done using tools, such as mirrors for scrying or tarot cards. 
These divination rituals for Beltane are perfect for the holiday and incorporate three different methods. Each divination ritual is also infused with Beltane magic and has tips to get started! 
divination rituals for beltane
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Divination Ritual Set-Up

This will get you started before doing any divination or ritual. Here are the essential steps to set-up a ritual: 
  • Prepare: Cleanse yourself, your space, and your tools.
  • Set up protection: Cast a circle or form an energetic boundary with your intention, crystals, etc.
  • Set the mood: Light candles, burn incense, dim the lights, whatever gets you in the 'ritual' mindset! 
  • Optional: Give offerings to your deities/spirits.
You're then ready to dive into your ritual! 

Divination Rituals for Beltane

1. Pyromancy

Pyromancy is the art of divining through fire. And no, you don't have to be a pyro to do it (though it's more fun that way)! In pagan times past, Beltane was celebrated with bonfires. For our pyromancy ritual, we'll use a micro fire and light a candle. 
Pyromancy with a candle is done by reading the signs of the candle flame. 
First, find a candle. Any color will do, but you could optionally choose a candle color that relates to your inquiry. For instance, a pink candle for a love-related inquiry. 
Then, pray over your candle and ask it your specific question. Place your candle on a heat-safe surface and stay with it while it's lit. 
Divination Rituals for Beltane
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Crown of Success Spell I did as a wedding gift.
Candle Flame Signs & Meanings
  • A tall bright flame is a positive sign. What you want to happen is manifesting. Spirits are backing up your intentions and giving you a hand! 
  • A small dim flame means that the energy of the situation may be slow to manifest. It could also mean that the energy of the situation is muddled and not clear.  Try divining with tarot to find out the specifics! 
  • A noisy flame that hisses or sputters means that the energy of the situation is causing other people to talk. This talk could be positive or negative, depending on the other signs.
  • A flame that goes out before the candle is finished burning down can sometimes mean a very clear "No." Or, it could also mean that the candle wasn't made well and the wick drowned in wax. Yes, we're divining with fire - but we can't fully ignore science! 
  • White smoke is a positive sign of the spirits helping you with your goals and giving you the sign to go forward.
  • Black smoke indicates negative energy or resistance. It can also mean that negative energy is clearing, especially if you've already taken steps to clear negativity in other ways. With this sign, it's a good idea to do a cleansing to further remove any unwanted energy.

2. Ceromancy

Ceromancy is the art of reading wax. Like pyromancy, ceromancy is often used with candle magic. In fact, pyromancy and ceromancy go together like peanut butter and jelly (don't fight me on this, PB & J is delicious)!
To divine with wax, begin the same way you would for pyromancy. Pray over a candle and ask that it show you the answers to your inquiry. You can also carve your question into the candle, and bless the candle with an oil that corresponds to your inquiry/intention. 
Ceromancy Divination Ritual
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Candle Wax Signs & Meanings
There's so much to cover here that will be in my upcoming book on candle magic (subscribe for updates)! But for now, here are some wax reading interpretations: 
  • Clockwise wax flow = Yes/progression. 
  • Counterclockwise wax flow = No/progression in a way you don't expect. It could also mean that you're asking the wrong question. 
  • Very little wax flow, sometimes in a circular wax seal shape, means that a positive outcome is being given to you. A "seal of approval." 
  • Animals and shapes all have meanings as well, depending on your inquiry. Look into the spiritual meaning of the animals and shapes to interpret their meaning. You might get a shape that directly relates to your inquiry. If you asked about a pregnancy and see a baby in the wax, that's a great sign! Some other positive wax shapes are a heart, a circle, and a triangle. 

3. Cartomancy

Cartomancy is basically the fancy word for card reading.  Pick your tarot or oracle card deck and try this Beltane Tarot Spread: 
Beltane Tarot Oracle Card Spread
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I used this card spread with the Deviant Moon tarot deck and had very interesting results.
I hope these divination rituals for Beltane light your fire this year. Leave me a comment and let me know how it goes! Many Beltane blessings to you and yours. 
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