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BADB Ritual Candle, Invocation Candle, Dark Goddess Offering, Death, Prophecy, Protection, Crone Work

BADB Ritual Candle, Invocation Candle, Dark Goddess Offering, Death, Prophecy, Protection, Crone Work

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These candles honor and invoke Badb, an Irish goddess of war, death, and prophecy. Her name Badb Catha translates to Battle Crow, though She's also known by many names, including Fairy Woman, Fury, and the Washer at the Ford.

Badb can appear as a Crone, a Seductress, or a Raven/Crow. Some believe Badb is an aspect of the Morrigan, though Irish lore also describes Her as the Morrigan's sister. Like the Morrigan, Badb is a dark goddess connected to war, ravens, crows, wolves, death, and prophecy. Her prophecies can take the form of warnings. In this way, Badb prepares you for whatever battle is to come.

Badb is a strong protector, guardian, and force to be reckoned with. This candle serves as an offering and a connection to Badb.

You will receive one large 8" x 2" glass candle with 15 ounces of high-quality soy wax, scented with Patchouli fragrance. Top notes of patchouli leaves, clove, a hint of orange flower, and bottom notes of black wood. This is a beautiful, strong, and earthy scent. My absolute favorite patchouli scent! Unscented is optional.

Soy is a natural wax with excellent fragrance throw and long burning times. These candles give up to 105 hours of burning, perfect for long burns on your altar!

Each candle is charged with reiki energy to bring good vibes into your sacred space. The candles are also prayed over and loaded with blessed herbs for prophecies, protection, death and crone work, as well as herbal offerings for Badb.

All Fate & Flame deity candles invoke the gods they're dedicated to. They're meant to bring the gods to you, and you to the gods. May Badb bless you.

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Please also note that:

*Each candle is handmade, small variations may be present.
*Due to the handmade nature, refunds are not offered but I want you to be happy with your order. Please contact me with any issues. Cancelations are accepted BEFORE shipping.
*No guarantees are made about the outcome of using this product.
*Never leave a burning candle unattended. Fate & Flame is not responsible for any damages resulting from using this candle.

Handmade with love by a priestess of the Morrigan. Hail Badb!

Thanks for viewing. Many blessings!

©Copyright Fate & Flame 2021

Materials: Soy

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