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BLACK SALT Handmade Witches Salt, Banishing, Protection, Uncrossing, Cleansing

BLACK SALT Handmade Witches Salt, Banishing, Protection, Uncrossing, Cleansing

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Black salt is a powerful tool for banishing negative energy, evil spirits, and bringing protection. Unlike regular Himalayan black salt, this black salt has been handmade and hand-blessed for extra power!


*Salt - Absorbs negative energy of any kind, banishes evil spirits and bad energy, forms a fiery wall of protection
*Activated charcoal - Often used to treat food poisoning, activated charcoal is very good at absorbing toxicity. This includes toxic energy of all kinds!
*Protective botanicals like sage, rosemary, dragons blood, and more.
*Reiki - A healing energy that elevates vibrations, clears negativity, and calms energy.
*Blessings & prayers to add extra layers of cleansing and protection!


The applications of black salt are *almost* limitless. Use in rituals, on candles, in spell packets, in bathwater, and around your house. Black salt forms a protective barrier, so it's especially useful around your property. Black salt is like an energetic security system! A good practice is placing black salt under your doormats, on windowsills, in doorways, and on porches. However, DO NOT place on land or near vegetation. The salt will kill plants and disrupt the pH of dirt. Black salt is also excellent for banishing and clearing negative spirits, including demons. It's also used for uncrossing and removes curses, hexes, and psychic attacks.

You'll receive a glass vial of handmade, blessed witch's black salt. Comes with a cork stopper that actually works! Available in 1/2 ounce or 1-ounce sizes.

**Please also note that:

*Due to the handmade nature, refunds are not offered but I want you to be happy with your order. Please contact me with any issues. *Cancelations are accepted BEFORE shipping.
*No guarantees are made about the outcome of using this product.

Thanks for looking, blessings to you!

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