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Candle Wax Reading - Ceromancy, Wax Divination, Spell Results

Candle Wax Reading - Ceromancy, Wax Divination, Spell Results

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This spell results reading interprets the outcome of your candle magic based on the wax. Wax readings (AKA ceromancy) can tell you how your spell will manifest, how long results will take, if any follow-up magic is needed, and more. This spell results reading can also be done on glass candles! 

For a different method of spell results reading, check out my Email Tarot Reading!

Your candle spell results reading will include:

  • Wax flow interpretation.
  • Interpretation of wax shapes.
  • The areas of life in which your spell will manifest.
  • The length of time it may take your spell to manifest*.
  • If there is any follow-up work needed for your spell, and recommendations on what that follow-up work should be. 

*Please include the total burn time for precise information on timing.

What I need from you: 

Send a picture of your burnt down candle taken from the front. See listing pictures for examples of this. 

You may include other pictures of the burning, as well as any details you would like to add. If you've taken pictures of the sides of the candle, please let me know which side each picture is pointing to (left, right, front, back). I will also need to know the goal of your spell and the target(s). 

The more details you give me, the more details I can give you about what it means! 

Email this information to 

You will receive an emailed report within 1-2 business days of purchasing this listing. 


Thanks for viewing! Many blessings. 

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