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Deep Cleansing Ritual - Curse and Entity Removal, Portals, Exorcism, Clearing Negativity

Deep Cleansing Ritual - Curse and Entity Removal, Portals, Exorcism, Clearing Negativity

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This ritual deeply cleanses away negative energy in all forms. Every situation is unique and this service will be customized to your needs. Please contact me before booking this service to make sure it's the right fit for you. 

This ritual begins with angelic banishing to clear the energy around you and surround you with protection. We then begin cleansing and cord cutting, which cuts through etheric cords tied to situations, people, and negative entities. Curses, hexes, or other forms of harmful energy are removed. Any portals in or around the body are closed. 

For deeper-rooted attachments like bindings, energetic parasites, or harmful spirits, I use a process called psychic surgery to excise anything malicious. We then seal your spirit with soul retrieval, bringing lost parts of the soul back to your body. Another layer of protection and sealing will be placed around you. 

A few days after the service, I’ll perform a remote follow-up session to further help stabilize and heal your energy. 

This service can sometimes result in a large energetic shift with temporary side-effects. 

This deep cleansing ritual is fitting if you feel like you’re going crazy, if you feel haunted or hunted. Or if you feel something is quite wrong and you aren’t sure what. This service doesn’t replace psychological care, but addresses the energetic and spiritual aspects of your situation. 

Spiritual attacks are one of my specialty areas. I’m a priestess with experience in spiritual warfare and removing many different forms of energetic harm. Nothing scares me and you will never have to convince me to believe you. 

If you want to donate to help people who might need this service but can’t afford it, you can do so here, and thank you. This is a very niche and under-served field. Donations enable me to help those who need professional assistance in this area. 

Thank you and many blessings. 

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