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Tarot Reading - Weave Your Fate, Channeled Messages, Psychic Medium

Tarot Reading - Weave Your Fate, Channeled Messages, Psychic Medium

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If you’re seeking insight from your spiritual team, desire higher guidance for making decisions, or feel stuck and don’t know where to go next...a tarot reading can illuminate the path for you. 

Tarot readings can bridge the gap between fate and what's within our control. Tarot readings help us create the fate that we desire for ourselves. 

I’ve been working with the magic of tarot for 16 years. I combine intuition and traditional tarot meanings to unearth the full depth of what each mystical card has to share. Channeled messages, visions, and patterns within the cards are infused into the reading to reveal additional layers of insight. 

My reading style is straight-forward yet compassionate. I give you the truth as I see it in the cards, along with intuitive insight to help you weave your own fate. 

Once played as a card game in Renaissance Italy, tarot cards have captured intrigue for hundreds of years. Tarot cards have the uncanny ability to bring intuitive insight through beautiful images, fascinating characters, and scenes seemingly out of a storybook. Each deck has its own personality and language. Tarot readings allow higher spiritual wisdom to communicate with us through pictures, historical meanings, and sacred symbols within the cards. 

Join me and we'll explore the magic of tarot together! 

Appointments are available in-person or through Zoom. Please specify during checkout which you prefer.

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