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FLORIDA WATER, Altar Spray, Cleansing, Protection, Blessings, Good Energy, Sacred Space, Reiki

FLORIDA WATER, Altar Spray, Cleansing, Protection, Blessings, Good Energy, Sacred Space, Reiki

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Florida Water has long been used to cleanse homes, altars, and sacred spaces! Traditionally, Florida Water was a fresh-scented cologne known as Hoyt's. But Fate & Flame's Florida Water kicks the good energy up a notch! It's also a great option for anyone who can't burn herbs or candles to cleanse their space.


-963 hz -charged with the vibration of 963 hz, also called the God frequency.
-Rose Water. Both protective and used to draw blessings, rose water adds good vibes to this spray!
-Lemongrass to break up energetic negativity and stagnant energy. Lemongrass keeps things moving and the blessings flowing!
-Lavender - for protection, peace, and love.
-Reiki - a healing energy that clears negative energy, nasty spirits, and brings balance.
-Lots of REAL botanicals and essential oils; There's nothing fake in this spray, only the good stuff for extra good energy!

This Florida Water has a botanical citrus scent, with a hint of rose and fresh herbs.


-Add to baths for cleansing, protection, and drawing blessings
-Use to spray candles and spell supplies before doing magick
-Spray all around your home, office, or wherever some fresh energy is needed
-Use anywhere you feel bad vibes, negative energy, or toxicity
-Spray on new items you bring into your house
-Spray it on yourself before rituals, or when you're having a bad day and need a little boost!

Really, this Florida Water can be used for pretty much anything! I use mine twice per day, once in the morning for a fresh start and once in the evening to cleanse the day off me. I also use this Florida Water to cleanse my client's homes when I'm removing negative entities. It gets bad energy back to good!

Shake well before each use. Available in 2 or 4-ounce glass spray bottles.


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