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Spell Work Consultation - Magical Strategy, Divination, Witchcraft Advice, Magic

Spell Work Consultation - Magical Strategy, Divination, Witchcraft Advice, Magic

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Magic is like chess: best performed with a strategy. This service offers magical advice as well as psychic divination regarding your specific spell work goal. Let's make your magic pop off.

This spell work consultation can help you...

-Create powerful, customized spells for your unique situation.
-Prevent backfiring with your magic and ensure victory.
-Determine which spirits & deities to invoke for your spells.
-Determine the best days & times to perform your magic based on the current astrology.
-Create a magical strategy to resolve tricky situations.
-Crack the code to your magical success.

This consultation helps with almost any magical goal...

-Love, relationships, commitment.
-Personal magnetism, attraction, sex, glamoury.
-Wealth, prosperity, business, money, luck.
-Uncrossing, curse removal, protection, & reversal magic.
-Healing, emotional release, physical & mental changes.
-Banishment, binding, power, control.
-Karmic retribution, justice, baneful magic (when justified).

My experience and tools are here to help you weave your own fate & create powerful changes in your life.

Please send me your inquiry at checkout. Please provide your name, date of birth, and the details of your situation. Also include any additional names & DOB's for relevant parties (if known). **Note that the option for multiple spells is good for up to 3 spells. Your consultation, including divination results, will be sent to you via email in 1-3 business days.


***Please note that no refunds are given after the final report has been emailed. No specific guarantees about outcome are promised, as this is a spiritual service only.

I look forward to making magic with you!

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