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The Morrigan Trance Prophecy Reading

The Morrigan Trance Prophecy Reading

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For this reading, I enter a deep trance to commune with the Morrigan regarding your situation. I will relay the messages She has for you, as well as the visions She shows me. 

What is Trance and Trance Prophecy?

Trance is a deep meditation where the oracle's conscious awareness travels out of the physical body. An oracle moves their consciousness to the Otherworld to receive messages, visions, and prophecies from spirits. Information gleaned during trance, especially with a Goddess of prophecy, is known as Trance Prophecy.

Meeting the Morrigan

The Morrigan is an Irish goddess of war, prophecy, and sorcery. The Morrigan's name translates to The Great Queen, Phantom Queen, and Queen of Nightmares

The Morrigan can give battle strategies, predict outcomes, and offer ritual and spell-work techniques. She can help you develop your Otherworldly power, overcome fear, heal from trauma, and turn your weaknesses into strengths. The Morrigan, Bringer of Victory, is an excellent ally in conflict...the best I know.

The Morrigan is best approached with a willingness to do “the work.” The Morrigan's style isn't to fix situations for you, but to empower you to create the outcome you wish for yourself. She reminds us that we have much more power than we think. 

Who should seek the Morrigan’s advice?

If you’re drawn to this listing, I would say there’s a reason, regardless of your current relationship with The Morrigan. She will often "call" to those She knows to be Her own and guide them to other Morrigan people. 

“I see all who are born in the blood-zealous fierce battle.” -The Morrigan

From what I have seen, the Morrigan will call to those who have had to fight in some way throughout their lives. The Morrigan is multifaceted, being a fierce maternal protector of Her children and an absolute force in battle. Sometimes the Morrigan can speak cryptically and in war-like language. Other times, She can be blunt and straight to the point. These facets often show themselves in Her prophecies and messages.

Due to the Morrigan’s nature, it’s helpful to have someone who can act as an interpreter and help decode what She’s really saying to you. I will assist you with this. Sometimes, however, a message will only become clear at the precise moment that’s most beneficial for your development. That’s how the Morrigan works. She wants you to grow. 

The Morrigan’s prophecies are always true. Sometimes mind-blowingly true. Time may pass before you fully understand, but if you follow Her advice and “do the work,” you'll be in a very advantageous position. 

What you’ll receive: 

You will receive a PDF report of what was discovered for you in the Morrigan's Trance Prophecy Reading. I will include my own intuitive interpretations as well as follow-up advice. The PDF’s will be roughly 1-2 pages long, depending on the complexity of your situation. Please allow up to 5 business days for this service to be completed for you. 

What I need from you: 

At checkout, please include your name, date of birth, the details of your situation, and the questions you have. You can also message me with a photo (optional). These details help me connect to your energy and better serve you. 

Thank you for viewing. Hail the Great Queen! 


Great Mother, Great Queen, Morrigan!

I stand on the battlefield awaiting your call. 

Morrigan, Great Queen, Mother!

I scream on the battlefield as the fire of the fight ignites. 

Great Queen, Mother, Morrigan! 

With every breath that I breathe, I honor you. 

Morrigan, Morrigan, Morrigan!

I am the warrior, the priestess, the witch and the queen, 

Just as You are, 

Living within me. 

With every breath that I breathe I am You. 

With every breath we take, You are me. 

We are the battle-crows, the wings of Fury, the sorcerers of Fate and Flame, 

In Your Name I set this world ablaze. 

-“Great Mother Morrigan,” by Kat Moira. 

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