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THE MORRIGAN Ritual Candle | Invocation, Dark Goddess Offering, Prophecy, Power, Strength

THE MORRIGAN Ritual Candle | Invocation, Dark Goddess Offering, Prophecy, Power, Strength

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These candles honor and invoke the Morrigan, a fierce Irish goddess of war, sovereignty, prophecy, and sorcery. Her name translates to "The Great Queen" or "Phantom Queen."

The Morrigan is a shapeshifting goddess appearing as She pleases, often taking the forms of a sorceress, a Queen, or as crows and ravens. She inspires change within and around us. She lights the path for those who fight bravely.

This candle serves as an offering to the Morrigan and a connection point to Her.

♥️ 15 oz, 8” x 2” glass candle
🔥Soy wax blend.
👑Rose Queen scent. Top notes of sensual red and black roses, a hint of red wine, with bottom notes of applewood and soft musk. This is a very rich rose and absolutely killer IMO. Unscented is available.
🖤Charged with channeled reiki energy and the Morrigan’s energy, then infused with chants and blessed herbs. Red roses, the Queen of flowers. Mullein for clairaudience. Hawthorn berries, something the Morrigan grows close to Her cave in Ireland.

🐦‍⬛The current estimated shipping date is Monday, 11/13/23.

SOY CANDLE CARE - On the first burn, burn the candle until the melted wax goes all the way to the edges. This ensures an even burn every time the candle is lit.

Please also note that:
🐦‍⬛Each candle is handmade, small variations may be present.
🐦‍⬛Due to the handmade nature, refunds are not offered, but I want you to be happy with your order. Please contact me with any issues.
🐦‍⬛Legal stuff. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Fate & Flame is not responsible for any damages as a result of using this candle. No guarantees are made about the outcome of using this candle.

Conjured with love by a priestess of the Morrigan. Hail the Great Queen ⚔️🛡️⚔️

©Fate & Flame 2023

Materials: Reiki,Roses,Hawthorn,Fragrance,Devotion,Love,Blessings,Prayers,Soy and vegetable wax blend,mullein

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