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THE MORRIGAN Ritual Oil, Invocation, Spell, Dark Goddess Offering, Power, Strength, Prophecy

THE MORRIGAN Ritual Oil, Invocation, Spell, Dark Goddess Offering, Power, Strength, Prophecy

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Welcome. This oil honors and invokes The Morrigan, an Irish goddess of prophecy, war, sovereignty, and sorcery. She is also a shapeshifting goddess associated with ravens and crows. This Morrigan oil is layered with blessings, prayers, good energy, and botanicals to strengthen your connection to Her! It's highly scented and can be used as a perfume oil as well as in ritual.

-Roses - a symbol of love and devotion. Protective.
-Star Anise - to enhance powers to prophecy, psychic connection, intuition, and dreams.
-Hawthorn berries - an offering to the Morrigan.
-Botanicals for personal empowerment, strength, and willpower.
-A special blend of essential oils and fragrance to entice your senses
-Irish prayers, chants, and blessings of the Morrigan
-Reiki for good energy


In addition to a perfume, this oil candle can be used to anoint your Morrigan altars and statues, candles, or placed in bathwater, or in spells under the Morrigan's domain. Spells for power, strength, warriorship, psychic abilities, magical power, and shapeshifting would be well suited for this oil!

Comes in 1/2 ounce size in a glass bottle with a black plastic cap.


Each item is handmade to order. Ritual oils currently take 1-3 business days to create & ship.

**Please also note that:

*Due to the handmade nature, refunds are not offered but I want you to be happy with your order. Please contact me with any issues. *Cancelations are accepted BEFORE shipping.
*No guarantees are made about the outcome of using this product.

Handmade with love by a priestess of the Morrigan. Hail the Great Queen!

Thanks for viewing. Many blessings!

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