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House Clearing - Paranormal Activity, Hauntings, Negative Energy, Warding, Protection

House Clearing - Paranormal Activity, Hauntings, Negative Energy, Warding, Protection

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This is a remote house clearing service for a physical location. You may be experiencing negative energy, paranormal activity, hauntings, spirits, and/or portals. This house clearing service has several layers, depending on the severity of your situation.

Please purchase the Psychic Assessment first. I will recommend a specific house clearing package based on what I find. This is done to be more cost-effective for you. 

Steps of House Clearing: 

  • The first step is a psychic assessment of the activity ($50). This is a 30-45 minute virtual consultation that includes a reading. We’ll discuss what you’ve been experiencing, address your questions, and I will psychically assess the spiritual activity of your case. During the consultation, we’ll determine the best approach for your house clearing. This is the most important step, because every case is very different. 
  • The second step is the house clearing process. You will need to purchase the recommended house clearing package from here. Some cases are straightforward, others are more complex. I strongly recommend a warding service to protect your home from further issues. 
  • The third step is warding, which is optional, but highly recommended. Warding is magical and spiritual protection created for your space. Energetic warding will be suitable for most cases. However, for certain cases, I might recommend powerful custom wards. These are physical, magical wards created by me and shipped to you (additional fees apply). 

My experience is in severe hauntings, spiritual attack, and demonic infestation. This prepared me for a vast array of paranormal scenarios that you may be experiencing. I will work to bring you peace and sovereignty in your home. You have an ally.  

Sometimes house clearings take multiple attempts to calm the activity, especially in more severe cases. If there's an attachment to a person as well, a service will need to be done to remove it. The remote service to remove this attachment is the Remote Entity / Curse Removal service. Healing services such as Reiki will also help. 

What I need from you:

Please send me the address of the location being serviced, as well as a current photo of the location. If there are particular areas with more activity, please include photos of these as well. Please also give me a description of what you're experiencing. 

You will receive: 

  • A psychic assessment with the details of what I found in your home, as well as a recommended type of house clearing to be done.
  • A full report of the house clearing, including what was removed, why the activity was occurring, and details of the warding performed.
  • Recommendations for any follow-up work.


Tier 1 House Clearing - Removal of low-level negative entities and harmful energies. 

Tier 2 House Clearing - Removal of negative energy, curses, and mid-level negative entities. 

Tier 3 House Clearing - Removal of negative energy, curses, high-level negative entities, and other negative entities. Closing portals, clearing spiritual infestation, energetic warding. 


Tier 1 Warding - Energetic warding done remotely. Beneficial for EVERY house clearing.

Tier 2 Warding - Energetic warding done remotely, as well as recommendations for physical warding you can do yourself. 

Tier 3 Warding - Energetic warding done remotely, recommendations for physical warding you can do yourself, and one custom-created physical ward for your property. Additional custom-created wards can be made upon request for an additional price. 


Thank you, many blessings. 

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